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How They Work



You want a good night's sleep. Pain and discomfort are the enemy. We understand.

My COMFY PJs are designed to nurture an enhanced and soothing sleep by combining knee pillows with PJs.


An internal pocket in each PJ leg holds 1-2 of our medical grade knee pillows.


To help you get the rest you deserve we deliver a new level of reliable comfort.

Want some testimonials? '...improved my sleep dramatically...' '...I wake up comfortable and refreshed...'

My COMFY PJs solve the problems of other knee pillows:

  • No more dragging the sheets as you turn over
  • No more waking up to find the pillow at your feet
  • More room in bed
  • Hole-punches in our pillows keep you cooler

    What Health Professionals say...

    Sleeping knee on knee is the best posture in bed and can prevent tension and injury. My Comfy PJs help you to be comfortable in this position.

    My COMFY PJs are recommended by a growing number of health professionals as sleeping with one knee in front of the other puts you out of alignment and is a leading cause of hip, pelvic and lower back pain.

    You can read reviews by physiotherapists on the testimonial and maternity pages.

    Choosing the right length: Shorter and Longer pants

    We recommend you purchase Shorter length PJs unless you are above average height for your sex. This is so the pillow is likely to sit in the right spot for you. You may need to manually adjust the position of the pillows slightly so they sit between your knees.

    So, to find the sleep you've been dreaming of, you're invited to select your new PJs from Women, Maternity or Men, or read Testimonials.

    If you're rehabilitating from hip replacement surgery you may need an additional pair of pillows.