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Five testimonials selected from health professional, product and customer reviews.


 "My COMFY PJs have improved my sleep dramatically over the past 4 months. I recommend them as a physiotherapist as well as from a pregnant woman's point of view."  Kylie Janssens - Physiotherapist 

"... you have to be a good friend and tell them about My Comfy PJs... Forget the big pillow in between your knees or the large pregnancy body pillow... these medical grade knee pillows roll with you because they are tucked inside an internal pocket. Brilliant right?" (Boston, MA)

"...even though we have had a really hot autumn I am still comfortable wearing these at night...I wake up comfortable and refreshed, rather than sorer than when I first laid down." Chiefsgirl


 "Good for new knees. I had a double knee replacement in early January and had been shoving a pillow between my legs at night to keep them comfortable." Paul Shelley - Five Star Review


 "Best thing since sliced bread! Having found my first pair of pillow pocket pj's to be the best invention since seamless stockings, I have now purchased a second pair." Joy MacLean - Five Star Review 

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